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This applies to this website as well as any of the apps that I’ve developed.

In Fubajit, I collect no information from any user. The only possibility for information collection comes from Google and their use of advertising ID to show relevant content ads to the users. I have no control over that, nor does the app use it. You can read more here:

In Brain Feast, I also collect no information from any user. Again, the Google advertising ID is used to show relevant content, and interested users can read more here:

Also in Brain Feast, the user has the option to share scores via Facebook and track high scores via the Google Play Games API. The collection of information here is governed by those two entities, but none of that information makes it back to me personally.

This site explains how to reset a Google Advertising ID:

I hope this common-sense approach to privacy policy is enough, but let me make it clear: I do not intentionally collect any information from users, nor sell any information to third parties. I do show ads in the apps, but users can control how their advertising ID is tracked. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at