About Us

Susan Sam
Susan Sam, 2016. Photo by Joe Sam.
Photo courtesy of Catherine Brakefield, Tri-City Times.

My husband Joe and I were both born in Detroit and now live in rural Michigan. A published photographer, I began exhibiting my photography, along with my fine art paintings, in 1999. Since 2003, my focus has been on wildlife photography, filmmaking, and local presentations. Outside the woodchuck project and photography, I enjoy research, music, camping, yard work, and science fiction.

Joe is a retired Ford Motor skilled tradesman, a disabled USMC Vietnam veteran and, since 2005, a non Hodgkin’s lymphoma patient.  Joe is the voice in our videos. Additional contributions in the woodchuck project include photography, filming, and a keen and watchful eye. He  enjoys music, fishing, camping, gardening, and golf.

When Wilhelmina arrived here in 2003, I didn’t know what animal she was. I asked Joe and he replied “That’s a woodchuck.” He proceeded to tell me all the things he had heard about woodchucks; they were destructive, would destroy our flower gardens, damage the foundation of our buildings and dig holes all over our lawn. They have to go, he said. I convinced him that it would be interesting to watch for awhile. Over 13 years later, we’ve found no significant reason to rid our property of their presence.

We are now advocates for further behavioral research and dissemination of evidence based information to provide a better, more accurate, understanding of free living wild groundhogs. Below is some correspondence with the World Wildlife Fund concerning the groundhog and its plight in the U.S.

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